VDA recommendation for the creation of accompanying documents. This paper corresponds to a collective delivery note and is created for each shipment. It is made available to the customer with the goods. This paper replaces the DIN A5 delivery note according to VDA 4994. The content of the data corresponds to that of the dispatch … Read more


Delivery note/transport data in VDA format. All delivery notes and transport information for a shipment is summarized according to this standard and sent to the goods recipient before the goods arrive. The goods recipient uses this information to plan the goods receipt.


JIT call-offs in VDA format A JIT call-off contains the required figures and deadlines for a maximum of 15 days. This information is used for shipping control at the supplier.


Production synchronous retrieval in VDA format. A production-synchronous call-off is only used for articles that are delivered and installed directly in the assembly sequence. These are often assemblies such as seats (example: Keiper-Recaro in the Daimler-Benz plant in Bremen).