Call-off order

Call orders based on the delivery/JIT call-offs are created from a blanket order.


Computer-Connect-System This is a software solution that provides a hardware-independent connection between systems. It can be used as a data transmission box and for internal communication. Used by automobile manufacturers and suppliers.


Digital certificate used in electronic data exchange over the Internet. The certificate guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the data using modern encryption methods.


To each VDA standard is attached a check list, with whose assistance all definitions for a smooth telecommunication between the partners can be agreed upon. It contains likewise the bilateral agreements.

Clearing Center EDI

Service provider who provides the technical infrastructure for processing the sending and receiving of electronic EDI messages.

Cloud Services

Provision of IT infrastructure such as application programs and computing power as a service via the Internet.

Cloud Solution

Any cloud-based solution refers to applications, storage, on-demand services, computer networks, or other resources that are accessed with an internet connection through another provider’s shared cloud computing framework.


Establishment of a communication link between partners to send and receive electronic documents in agreed formats.

Consignment Note

Accompanying document in the freight business (freight traffic), which serves as proof of the conclusion of the freight contract between the sender and the carrier (e.g. freight forwarder).

Container Management

Container management includes the planning, control and monitoring of stocks and movements of loading equipment. The aim of container management is the availability of the load carriers required for production, transport and storage with the lowest possible number of containers.