SCM Factoring

Data exchange for fast liquidity

Factoring is a process, which can be very reasonable for different companies. The claims are assigned to a Factoring company. This assignment can be hidden (invoice is still created by the supplier of the merchandise), or revealed by changing the invoicing party.

Factoring often goes in line with an assurance against failure of payment. Factoring can also be described by an association. All invoices of the association members must then be addressed to the association. Regardless of the Factoring type in use, the Factoring data needs to be exchanged.
Whether invoices must be exchanged in Office tables or EDI messages and/or by an additional PDF-document, is decided by the Factoring-company. Also the type of data exchange differs very much.

Since standards in Factoring are missing, SCM Factoring is executed within the scope of a project.


  • Secured liquidity planning
  • Liquidity improvement
  • Credit limit check (failure assurance)
  • Reduced shipping effort
  • Failure-free machine processing of invoice data