Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe A standard and an organization. The Odette standard is/ will be the EDIFACT standard and makes communication possible within the supply chain.


Original Equipment Manufacturer The OEM is the manufacturer of a product that is assembled from many individual parts and then marketed under its own name.


Odette File Transfer Protocol This protocol is generally used by the automotive manufacturers and suppliers (in VDA 4914/2). The protocol regulates hard and software-technical signals during the transmission.


Outdated message protocol for Transmission of data via ISDN.


Message protocol for fast transmission of large amounts of data over the Internet using a wide variety of security mechanisms such as file and line encryption, as well as certificate exchange (see also OFTP2 certificate).

OFTP2 Certificate

Digital certificate (x.509v3 standard) used in electronic data exchange over the Internet. The certificate guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the data using modern encryption methods. The certificates are provided smoothly via the certification body ODETTE CA, which is recognized by manufacturers, suppliers and providers.


On-premise refers to a usage and license model for server-based computer programs (software). The licensee acquires or leases software and operates it under his own responsibility on his own hardware, which is not provided by the software provider. In addition to the acquisition and operating costs, additional maintenance fees are usually incurred in order to … Read more


Purchase Order Change Request All keys announced by the ORDER response must be transferred again, to make a change possible for the receiver. Depending upon transmission direction- receipt order change from customer or send order change to a supplier.


Sales / purchase Orders in EDIFACT-format Depending on the sending direction, receiving is an order for the supplier and sending is an order to a supplier.


Sales / purchase Order Response in EDIFACT-format Key terms, quantities and deadlines are confirmed to the customer with this confirmation.