Value Added Network Services In order to sublet Telekom telephone lines, a network provider must provide additional functions, e.g. B. Mailbox, SNUF, HCF, etc.


Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. A german association, which consists of automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as also of carriers. Within the federation working groups are active, which concern themselves among other things with topics such as logistics and data exchange.

VDA 4938

E-invoicing standard in EDIFACT format.

VDA 4984

Delivery call-off instructions in EDIFACT format.

VDA 4985

JIT call-off in EDIFCT format.

VDA 4986

Production synchronous retrieval in EDIFACT format.

VDA 4987

Delivery note/transport data in EDIFACT format.

VDA 4988

Data transmission of payment advices with EDIFACT.


VDA recommendation for the creation of goods labels. This paper must be attached to each package. It contains information about the item, e.g. e.g. batch, change status, etc.


Delivery instructions in VDA format. A call-off contains the required figures and dates for the customer’s articles. This information must be transferred to the supplier’s internal planning tool.