IDOC means “Intermediate Document” and is the central data exchange format of SAP systems. Business documents can be imported and exported with SAP IDOC.


Federation, represent by IBM Italy and Fiat, which provided a modified Odette version.


INVOICe Depending upon transmission direction, invoice or self-billing in Odette or EDIFACT format (in both standards same designation). In Odette and EDIFACT, credit advices are referred to as self-billing.


Inventory Report The inventory report is delivered via external service providers in EDIFACT format.


Integrated Services Digital Network A Telekom network that works digitally. Each ISDN line has three channels, two data channels of 64 KB each and one control channel of 16 KB. Each data channel can be used separately.


International Organization for Standardization – an independent, non-governmental, international organization that develops and maintains standards for all technology applications and mechanisms for the global industry.