In the automotive industry, delivery data is usually transmitted via EDI in the form of a shipping notification. In particular, packaging information is also transmitted. To do this, the goods supplier must label the handling unit accordingly. As a rule, an adhesive or stick-in label, the so-called goods label, is used for this.


Local Area Network in a limited area, without a public network.


An end-of-year procedure can apply also over the entire life cycle of a vehicle (Life-Time).


Supplier warehouse concept from Audi.

Load List

A document issued by a supplier for shipping goods to a customer, describing where the goods will arrive. Multiple destinations can be specified.


Management of the flow of goods in order to reduce transport and storage costs with a well thought-out control of the flow of goods.

Logistics Service Provider

Logistics service providers provide logistical services for other companies, for example transport, warehousing, order picking.