For the identification of a package from automotive manufacturer, a package No. will be assigned. Identical packages have different numbers at different automotive manufacturers.


Service of service companies like software houses where the customer only pays for the service that he actually uses.

Pick and Pack

Compilation of certain partial quantities (articles) from a total quantity (assortment) provided based on orders.


The pick-up sheet is an external document with information about future deliveries that the customer sends to the supplier and to the carrier. The delivery order is created on the basis of the pick-up sheet. It enables exact retrieval of customer requirements with regard to collection quantity, collection and delivery date.


Software system that is used for operational planning and control of production processes in an industrial company.


Price/ Sales Catalogue Basic article data in EDIFACT format In the PRICAT, data such as number, text, dimensions, price etc. This allows the recipient an electronic ordering function.

Process Optimization

Improvement of internal or external business processes with the goal of a sustainable, profitable increase in efficiency.

Production release

The customer specifies a date/period. For all delivery forecasts up to this date, it exists an acceptance duty for produced articles by the customer.