Cumulative Quantities (CQ)

Cumulative quantities (in short CQ) record the progress. If it is recorded in which way the requirement proceeds it is obvious until which deadline e. g. stock suffices. The delivery progress shows all deliveries on a cumulative basis. If e. g. a transaction takes place both cumulative quantities are put side by side and one … Read more

Cumulative Received Quantity

The cumulative received quantity is the total of all quantities delivered up to the release date. If an additional quantity is delivered on the release date, this increases the cumulative received quantity. If, on the other hand, the delivery quantity is reduced, the cumulative received quantity is reduced accordingly.

Customer item ID

Identification number that the automobile manufacturer assigns to an article. This number is used throughout the logistics cycle. The number is a speaking key for many automobile manufacturers.

Customer plant

Each automotive manufacturer assigns numbers of identification for his production plants and spare part stocks.