Guiding Principals

We live partnership

At APLIKO, the focus is on our employees with their knowledge and experience. They are our most valuable resource and form the basis for our success. Every individual employee contributes to success through competence and commitment.

Since our foundation, we developed a corporate culture that is not only committed to profit, but rather focuses on people.

What we promote and demand from our employees are creativity, independent working, self-sufficiency, initiative and a sense of responsibility. Flat hierarchies and a healthy working atmosphere provides them with plenty of scope for their development.

We do not see ourselves as a supplier but as a partner of your company. We are partners who listen. This is the way to create an understanding, and with understanding, trust grows to tackle new projects together.

We are driven by enjoying the tasks as well as by our passion to bring our customers to success.

These guidelines, our grown corporate culture, as well as the large number of successfully executed customer projects are the basis and proof of long-term and satisfied customers.