Profound knowledge of the industry

With special know-how in the automotive supplier industry but also in many other sectors, we offer products, services and solutions for all aspects of ERP, EDI, SCM and PPS for SAP Business One.


  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Space
  • Chemistry
  • Food
  • High-Tech & Electronic
  • Life Science


  • Mechanical/device construction
  • Medical technology
  • Metal processing
  • Packaging
  • Plastic treatment
  • System engineering

Since 1986, we take care of automotive supply logistics. In cooperation with a great number of partners, our team covers a complex service portfolio and supports our customers with different products on a national and international basis.

Our core competences include consulting and the implementation of IT projects for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). A particular focus is our excellent knowledge ranging from serial to individual production, especially in the automotive field and in mechanical and system engineering.

Extract from our Range of Performance

  • Introduction, conception or transition to SAP Business One
  • Introduction methods and project management
  • Administration and customizing
  • Consultancy for modules, e.g. purchasing, sales, warehousing, finance, ...
  • Production planning and control with and without AddOn
  • Adaptation of your processes and surfaces
  • Logistic projects for the supply of sites
  • Supply chain in sales and dispatching (SCM Automotive, SCM Industry)
  • Supply chain in sales and goods received (SCM Automotive, SCM Industry)
  • Container management (SCM Automotive)
  • Support of factoring (SCM Factoring)
  • Integration of existing systems (CAD, control centers, MDE, high-racks ...)
  • Integration of document management, compliance check, export, ...
  • System optimization of IT structure and databases (MSSQL, HANA)
  • Training and workshops

We accompany you from the software selection to the Go-Live and, of course, also thereafter. Our employees dispose of excellent knowhow of products and processes, which they have acquired in a variety of projects.

This gives you the opportunity to receive professional and competent advice from the first day of your introductory project.

> 1000
SCM User daily

> 500
EDI Customer/ Supplier relationship

> 400
already realized projects

> 30
years Automotive, EDI, SCM, ERP and PPC know how