Software-Differentiation: Solutions for Suppliers

March 2023

With business management software, both small and medium-sized companies can grow sustainably and generate competitive advantages. Therefore, a precise examination or Software-Differentiation is good to get an overview.

Most customers place very precise specifications and demands on their suppliers. These requirements (customer guidelines) are usually part of the supplier evaluation and form an important criterion for long-term cooperation between customer and supplier. The electronic exchange of data from suppliers to their sub-suppliers is also being pushed more and more in order to reduce manual processing to a minimum here as well.

Software is practical, software is constantly being improved, and software is everywhere. But how do you identify solutions that suit you from this enormous range? The ones that perfectly map their own requirements in order to then cover the most optimal overall picture with appropriate individual modules?

Let us start with the Software-Differentiation between series and one-off manufacturers. In make-to-order production, you can get far with a corresponding SAP and/or PPS product.

However, series production also requires significantly more coordination and functions in your software.

Do customers also require electronic communication (EDI)? Then the search for a good software solution boils down to one of our products from the APLIKO SCM Solutions Suite.

We have specialized in SCM (Supply Chain Management) for automotive suppliers, industry and factoring and with the APLIKO Solutions Suite we have created an add-on for SAP Business One, which covers precisely these areas that are critical for customers when selecting suppliers.

If customers and/or suppliers are active in the supply chain for automobiles, commercial vehicles or white goods, the choice falls, for example, on SCM Automotive as the best add-on for series manufacturers in these sectors.

In order to differentiate whether it is more a case for SCM Industry or SCM Automotive, the following questions can be quite helpful at the beginning:

If you generally have to answer many questions with a no, this Software-Differentiation shows you that it is time to invest in new, future-oriented software that will prepare you for the digital transformation and the requirements of tomorrow. We can help you with that.

You can find more information about our products  here or contact us at We would be happy to support you on your way to implement tomorrow's the challenges for suppliers today.