APLIKO Solutions Suite Automotive – New Version 2023-02

February 2023

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In the course of 2022, the automotive industry made many innovations that suppliers must implement.

With version 2023-02 of our logistics add-on SCM Automotive from the APLIKO Solutions Suite developed for SAP Business One, we have reacted to these requirements and made some significant innovations in the product, which we will briefly explain to you below.

Expansion of various standards in connection with customer guidelines

As already mentioned, the year 2022 caused a particularly large number of changes that had to be reflected in logistics. Regardless of whether it was customers with pick-up sheets or the printing of RFID or the shortened lengths of package numbers at some customer plants, there are more implemented requirements than in previous years.

Certification by BMW for Mexico and USA Volvo
  • Realization of business processes EDIFACT DELFOR
Certification by Mercedes-Benz for USA
  • Business processes DELFOR, DESADV, Label
Mercedes-Benz Integration RFID-Processing
  • Business processes DESADV, Label
Mercedes Benz realization Pick-Up-Sheet (PUS) US Handling
  • Pick-up sheet processing according to Mercedes specifications
  • Incoming PUS No. for retrieval
  • Clear reference to PUS no. in the shipping process
  • Business processes DELFOR, DELJIT, picking, DESADV, shipping documents

64-bit architecture on web server

The SCM Solutions Suite is a web application. The hardware resources are used exclusively via the web server. In order to use the hardware resources optimally, the addressable, available memory area is now used from 2 to the power of 32 bits (4 GB) to 2 to the power of 64 bits.

The addressable memory area is therefore 4 billion (4,294,967,296) times as large as in a 32-bit system. The use of parallel processes (multithreading) has also been improved in 64-bit architectures. The SCM Solutions Suite uses the advantages of the 64-bit architecture.

Separation of application and document creation (separate web server)

If a document is created, data is read and processed. This is a generally complex process, regardless of the application. The SCM Solutions Suite uses Crystal Reports to create documents.

In order to better distribute the system load, the areas of application and document creation were separated. There are now 2 separate web servers that can be set independently of each other.

Optimization of runtime (factor 5-10)

In addition to the changed structure from 32 bits to 64 bits and the separation between application and document creation, the handling of the container structures was changed. The previously used database views were too slow. Some container structures required approximately 60 seconds or longer to determine a single container structure.

The more users created new container structures, the slower the database views became. A document or EDI with a corresponding number of container structures was therefore a long time coming. The logic of the database views was transferred to the application. Due to this change, a container structure now takes about 1 second.

Surface design with tool

The interface / presentation layer of the APLIKO SCM Solutions Suite has always been stored in data structures. In order to place a field somewhere else, the entries of the desired field had to be changed and the field possibly located there had to be moved.

This was a task that could not be easily performed by a user. Now there is a tool for surface design. You move a field with the mouse or add new fields.

Restructuring of container management with VDA 4927

Container management including inventory management is and has always been part of the SCM Solutions Suite. The comparison with their own inventory data via VDA 4927 was not the focus of customers for a long time.

This changed again in 2022 and various customers send the container account comparison via VDA 4927. The detection of identical container movements on the customer and supplier side has been further optimized in order to further reduce the control effort.

Generate process data from multiple storage locations

In SAP Business One, process data can only be created from a storage location. The withdrawal for a delivery note item is therefore only made from one storage location. Storage in several high rack warehouses, a pallet warehouse and other storage locations always required relocation to a central storage location.

The SCM Solutions Suite allows picking from several warehouses and automatically merges them to the actual withdrawal storage location. Lot and serial number transactions are preserved.

Have we piqued your interest?

If you have any questions about the new version or would like to migrate to version 2023-02, your responsible customer advisor and/or our sales department (vertrieb@apliko.de) will be happy to help you with coordination and explanations.