APLIKO Solutions Suite – Mobile on tablet or smartphone

June 2021

In today's world, mobile access to data and processes can be necessary at any time. The APLIKO Solutions Suite has web-based software modules and is therefore available on every Device that can be used with a browser.

Fluctuations in demand or issues such as availability of material and containers can vary for each planned delivery. Find out about possible incidents in time before you can no longer remedy them preventively. The operating system of the end device is irrelevant, as only the browser is used.

All browsers that support HTML 5 according to the specifications of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) can be used.

In addition to the "normal" application style, the APLIKO Solutions Suite also has special mobile application interfaces with simplified handling, e.g. for a tablet on the forklift for order picking.

The possible uses are almost unlimited. Do you also have ideas for optimization? Contact us.

Would you like to get in contact or wish further information? vertrieb@apliko.de