AIM Accelerated Implementation Method

June 2022

The small checklist for a successful project implementation in the automotive industry

Before introducing a new software solution, decision-makers ask themselves many general questions, what is our "AIM", our goal? Deeper questions are:

  • When is the right time to introduce it?
  • How long does the introduction take, how much additional work will the employees have to do?
  • How must a project be introduced without blocking the entire operational process?
  • What is our timetable?
  • Did we pay attention to everything essential?


Expectations of companies and users are high. Process improvements and work facilitation are expected. The solution should ensure competitiveness in the IT infrastructure in global value creation and the investment should pay for itself as quickly as possible.

The benefit of a modern software solution tailored to the needs of the clientele is usually well known. However, it is often not clear to the decision-makers how the introduction should be carried out specifically and successfully. To ensure that the project is not blocked by false assumptions and misunderstandings and does not produce unnecessary additional costs, a structured implementation methodology should be used. The Accelerated Implementation Method (AIM) identifies the personal and organizational factors that need to be considered in change projects.

With the help of the following small checklist, software implementations can be made much easier.

The right timing

The point in time is often determined by the requirements of the customers. In the automotive industry, suppliers must promptly implement the ever-increasing requirements of automobile manufacturers. This also includes matters that can be realized with the help of a modern ERP system for the automotive industry. The logistical implementation of the requirements of the automobile manufacturer is an integral part of the supplier evaluation (A, B or C supplier).

How long does the introduction take, how much additional work will the employees have to do

Every company is unique, so the software implementation is also unique. Company size, resources and capacities provided or the type of events taking place or the future processes have a great influence on the implementation period. The effort for the employees involved is usually between 50 and up to 75% of the working time, depending on the project phase. Introducing a new system only works if the user and the provider work together and it requires team building right from the start.

The project timetable - the phases of a software implementation

All five of the following points of the project are of course preceded by general project management. The timetable is divided into five project phases that build on one another. In most cases, the phases partially merge into one another.

AIM Project Timetable

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